50 Weird AF Ways Men Try To Assert Dominance (As Told By Men)

50 Weird AF Ways Men Try To Assert Dominance (As Told By Men)

Ask Reddit knows how ridiculous some men can act when they want to appear tough.

23. Not letting go of a handshake. It’s happened a few times and always make me wanna treat it as a hostile action. Last time it happened I just started caressing their hand with my finger and the guy jerked away. I winked at him after.

24. I was walking to my car after school and this guy getting in his car just yells at me “you ugly af, bro.” I flipped him off without even looking at him and he yelled “bitch!” and drove off. How petty do you have to be to tell someone minding their own business that they’re ugly?

25. Earlier this year my boss asked me to do something, and then leaned over me and said, “You are going to do it.” He was like, literally leaning over me because he was 6’8″. Dude acted like a cliche high school bully from an 80s movie and was like 40 years old so I assume he was at some point. Anyways he quit.

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