50 Weird AF Ways Men Try To Assert Dominance (As Told By Men)

50 Weird AF Ways Men Try To Assert Dominance (As Told By Men)

Ask Reddit knows how ridiculous some men can act when they want to appear tough.

16. The people that try to act like a psychological genius and try to analyze you and figure out what kind of person you are. My friend’s dad does this constantly with me and misses the mark every time and it just makes him look like a dumbass.

17. Recently got my first tattoo. It’s a small, minimalistic one. A guy at a party keeps making fun of it when I throw the ball in beer pong as it’s on my right arm I use to throw. Reason he’s making fun of it is his arm is filled with big, detailed tattoos. He clearly felt I was somehow inferior due to my small tattoo. Didn’t bother me too much, but that, along with other shit he’d brag about, convinced me he’s not a person worth giving a damn about.

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