50 Weird AF Ways Men Try To Assert Dominance (As Told By Men)

50 Weird AF Ways Men Try To Assert Dominance (As Told By Men)

Ask Reddit knows how ridiculous some men can act when they want to appear tough.

13. Generally guys purposely bumping into you when you walk past them, especially if they’re with friends.

14. My neighbor in front of my (I’m a guy) house had a boyfriend that would literally rip his shirt off and come outside every single time I was in my front yard. It could be 7 AM or Midnight but it wouldn’t matter to him. I could be walking to my car and here comes Mr. Globogym flexing all around his yard. He would immediately go back inside when I went back inside. This went on for almost half a year until one day I saw him hop into his mega lifted truck and drive away never to be seen again. He did have pretty sweet pecs though.

15. The overly firm handshake is always annoying. I’m not a freak show of strength but I have a good enough grip that I can get them to back off.

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