50 Weird AF Ways Men Try To Assert Dominance (As Told By Men)

50 Weird AF Ways Men Try To Assert Dominance (As Told By Men)

Ask Reddit knows how ridiculous some men can act when they want to appear tough.

4. I’m 5’9” and 170lbs and for some reason guys taller or larger than me feel the need to call me “big guy” in a belittling way. I find it so odd, I’ve done nothing to you and am neither excessively small or large and yet you feel the need to try and take shots at my size.

Shits weird and I now perceive you as insecure.

5. One guy I know tried to get everyone to whip out their dicks and compare sizes, and honestly it came across as one of the most insecure and childish efforts to assert dominance ever. Because dick size has nothing to do with dominance.

6. Was out having a drink. Started chatting to the guy next to me when I learn he, too, is a musician. He then tells me: “You’re not a musician. I find it offensive when people tell me they’re a musician when they haven’t put in the time and dedication that I have.” Ok dude come down off your ego trip, christ.

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