50 Weird AF Ways Men Try To Assert Dominance (As Told By Men)

50 Weird AF Ways Men Try To Assert Dominance (As Told By Men)

Ask Reddit knows how ridiculous some men can act when they want to appear tough.

30. Just shove me out of nowhere without absolutely no context whatsoever. Basically, high school all over again.

31. My best female friend’s boyfriend, who is 100% jealous/threatened by how close I am to her, will constantly try to one-up me in conversation whenever I talk to her. He keeps an eye on me the whole time that I’m with her and as soon as I make a joke or tell a story, he jumps right in with his own thing to try and top what I said. Like, Every. Single. Time. That I speak.

Oh, that and he’ll roll up his sleeves and sit with his elbows on the table in a not-so-subtle effort to compare his biceps to mine.

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