50 People Reveal How They Finally Realized Their So-Called Friend Was Toxic

50 People Reveal How They Finally Realized Their So-Called Friend Was Toxic

These men and women from Ask Reddit know what it feels like to have a toxic friend.

20. “Nah trust me, you don’t wanna ask her out, she’s just a hoe.”

He then proceeded to try it on with her.

21. She pretended to have millions of dollars but lived in a condo. Always told ridiculous lies like “she flew to New York over night” and she had “5 pairs of AirPod and 3 Apple Watches, she just kept them at home.” All lies. She was a pathological, compulsive liar who was manipulating and told unbelievable and outrageous lies and expected everyone to believe them. She also was a know-it-all, and used fake facts to make it seem like she was right. I was only friends with her because I was the new kid and no one else was nice to me. To make a long story short, I cut her off, made new friends, and now I don’t even talk to her anymore.

22. They would routinely pick on me. I get friends bust each other’s balls from time  to time, but I notice that it was me getting picked on, and barely anyone else.

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