50 People Reveal How They Finally Realized Their So-Called Friend Was Toxic

50 People Reveal How They Finally Realized Their So-Called Friend Was Toxic

These men and women from Ask Reddit know what it feels like to have a toxic friend.

17. He was telling all of our friends that he ‘missed me and our friendship’ without ever reaching out to me to smooth things over or to make plans. There was plenty of stuff before this, but that was the straw for me. He was an expert at fooling people into thinking he was a good person and a lot of people are still falling for it.

18. When he brought his “totally cool” friends over, and then they stole some of my stuff and he defended them.

19. I started to realize that they’re toxic after I felt that they’re intentionally making me feel out of place because I can’t join them when they wanna hang out out somewhere or get drunk. I’m not an alcoholic person and they make me feel bad for not joining them have “fun”. Most of the time, I don’t also have enough money to go wherever they wanna go, hence, calling me a kill joy. Now, they’re starting to treat me as if I’m no one. Always the last option in the group. No one wants to go with me during lunch. They only notice me when they ask for help on a particular subject. It just makes me sad.

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