50 People Reveal How They Finally Realized Their So-Called Friend Was Toxic

50 People Reveal How They Finally Realized Their So-Called Friend Was Toxic

These men and women from Ask Reddit know what it feels like to have a toxic friend.

33. When she wanted to uproot and move a fourth time in almost two years.

We were best friends/roommates and she was never happy where we were living, and I got tired of her trying to move all over the east coast. She would get all upset whenever I said that I wanted to at least try and stay where we were. It’s not healthy to just leave every time you don’t like the weather here, you hate your job here, you can’t get a boyfriend here etc.

34. When she gave me the silent treatment after I explained why I was hurt that I was left out of plans with all mutual friends.

35. She told me she was cheating on her husband, while laughing about how funny it was that her boyfriend would come over to the house and hang out with her husband and her and their newborn.

After I told her that wasn’t cool and we weren’t friends anymore, she told everyone that I was sleeping with her husband and an abusive drunk.(No to all)

Happy ending- dad divorced and got full custody, I got new friends.

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