50 People Reveal How They Finally Realized Their So-Called Friend Was Toxic

50 People Reveal How They Finally Realized Their So-Called Friend Was Toxic

These men and women from Ask Reddit know what it feels like to have a toxic friend.

29. She was always a little “me, me, me” but she had a lot of self esteem and anxiety issues and I forgave her for most of it.

She was the maid of honor in my wedding. We hadn’t been friends super long, but my bff forever lives in another state and this woman was just so excited about the idea.

She knew about my intense jealousy issues. She had listened to me talk endlessly about how I knew he is THE ONE, and I can trust him 100%, which eases my internal jealousy sosososo much. She knew I had been cheated on by every other man I had dated. She knew my previous relationship ended when I found out he was sleeping with a woman who had asked to do a 4some with us and her boyfriend.

My friend had just gotten a boyfriend, he couldn’t come out, but I invited her to a party with my husband and I.

At some point when I was off fetching drinks my “friend” asked my husband to sleep with her. When he did a double-take “huh..whaaa?” She revised to asking to sleep with “us”. He immediately came and told me.

I told her right then and there, no fucking way. And I wanted to go home and not cause some kind of scene at this party. I went home, I went to bed. (Hubby came with). My friend never apologized or acted like it ever happened. She was right back to her “me, me, me” drone the very next day. She wasn’t black-out drunk and had no issue mentioning other parts of the party.

I stopped initiating contact, and she never asked why or tried to make an effort back to me. I figure I do not want a friend who is so up their own ass to not see how clearly of a no-no that was.

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