50 Parents Reveal The Moment The Realized They Raised A Monster

50 Parents Reveal The Moment They Realized They Raised A Monster 

These parents on Ask Reddit accidentally raised monsters.

41. Oh man, too many to list. The most recent is when my son shot me with his Nerf gun directly in my eyeball. My eye still hurts a week later.

42. Not a parent, but an older brother of a young sibling. He poured paint thinner all over my moms flowers one summer after my dad accidentally left it on the deck (we were repainting the deck). More happy that he didn’t drink it but it was definitely an “oh my god” moment. She probably spends 100 hours+ and a lot of money gardening every spring/summer so it was a big deal.

43. When my son blithely told me he wants to play the documentary Under the Curve for his classmates because he is trying to convince them the world is flat. He admits he knows it is not, but he is trying, actively, to CON them into thinking it IS.

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