50 Parents Reveal The Moment The Realized They Raised A Monster

50 Parents Reveal The Moment They Realized They Raised A Monster 

These parents on Ask Reddit accidentally raised monsters.

25. He threw a pair of scissors at me. Luckily he missed but I think he was going for my head cause I was standing up and the kitchen counter was between us, so only the upper half of my body was over the table. This one was also a long time ago.

26. When my sister was 6 my mom yelled at her for something and her reply was: “I can’t wait until Dad divorces you so I can go live with him and not you.” A couple of years later she would also tell me that she hoped I died. Good times…

27. My mom had a breakdown when my brother held a knife to his throat and threatened to kill himself after she refused to buy him tf2 skins.

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