40 Guys On What They Wish Their Female Partners Would Do In Bed

1. Initiate sex. Even once.

Initiate. I don’t want to feel like I am asking for it every time. Sometimes I would just like her to start things off.

2. Make more noise.

Moan more and orgasm from penetration.

Unfortunately, we live in an apartment right now so we don’t want to be “those” neighbors. As for the penetration, maybe with time!

3. Make less noise.

First, I wish she would shut the fuck up for like 2 seconds. I’m all for girls who are vocal but god damn this shit is completely out of hand. Anytime we’re in bed all I get is a nonstop stream of “fuck me, harder, harder, you’re so big” that starts the second I’m inside her and doesn’t stop until I finish. No moaning, just constant talking, drives me insane.

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