20 Stories Of People Hooking Up With Famous Musicians

Flickr / Andy Wetherill
Flickr / Andy Wetherill
Found on AskReddit. No claim of authenticity is made for any of these comments since they were all made anonymously and refer to events in the third person. The default assumption is that they are all false.


I had a teacher who told me she slept with Jimi Hendrix. She said it was the best sex she ever had. What’s funny is she was the crabby old lady teacher. I was going through a Hendrix phase so it’s wasn’t as awkward it sounds.


A girl from my high school got schtook by Lil Jon.

Apparently, he sounded exactly like you’d expect Lil Jon to sound when cumming.


A girl I knew in college “slept” with John Mayer after the Concert for Virginia Tech. I say “slept” because he had her lie on the bed, then he jacked off on her. Then he just left.

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