50 Unhappy Couples Share How Their Partner Completely Changed After Marriage

50 Unhappy Couples Share How Their Partner Completely Changed After Marriage

According to these unhappy couples from Ask Reddit, some people do change after marriage.

11. When I asked about any sexual stuff I should know about he said, “Eh I watched x & y porn a couple of times.”

It wasn’t a couple of times. It was all the time, was a full blown dysfunction, and it brought us to the brink of divorce.

Ask the right questions folks. Also make sure you understand how family history may have affected your spouse’s attitude towards the big things in life.

12. There were a million red flags, but I ignored all of them. How they treat literally everyone else will be how they treat you. If they lied to everyone, you can bet they do it to you too. I am an idiot, but now hopefully a wiser idiot. Probably not though. Keep walking into the same brand of rake

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