50 Unhappy Couples Share How Their Partner Completely Changed After Marriage

50 Unhappy Couples Share How Their Partner Completely Changed After Marriage

According to these unhappy couples from Ask Reddit, some people do change after marriage.

42. We didn’t drink too often when it was just the two of us but when we went out with friends she got way more drunk than everybody else. I just assumed she like to get loose when we were out partying. Turns out she was an alcoholic.

43. He screamed at me on our wedding night because one time (for him, not me. The only person who had any funsies that night was him) wasn’t good enough. I was so tired and couldn’t give him a second go. I apologized profusely but he was livid. He stormed out of our hotel room and slept in his car. I spent the night alone and sobbing. Next day he explained how it was may fault and I caused myself the grief. It went downhill quickly from there.

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