50 Unhappy Couples Share How Their Partner Completely Changed After Marriage

50 Unhappy Couples Share How Their Partner Completely Changed After Marriage

According to these unhappy couples from Ask Reddit, some people do change after marriage.

36. Ex wife that embezzled 700k from my business and was an abusive drug user… she was fired from 3 jobs in 4 months when we started dating. my bank accounts were drained while we dated and I did not pay attention then. I wish I had.

Her father gave her 30k for the wedding and when we were presented the bill, she handed the bill to me and said ‘it’s your bill now.’ She spent the money on drugs.

I was blind to it.

37. She was on the rebound from an engagement with a guy by the same name and had only been in town for a couple hours before we met. She always wanted me around, which I found flattering, and believed it was because she really cared and liked the things I did. As it turned out, she was pathologically unable to spend time alone, and just adapted her personality to whoever she was around. I needed to work, and was gone 8-12 hrs/day, so I moved us back near her family and friends where she grew up so she wouldn’t be lonely. She became a different person because of that and we divorced. Same thing happened to the next guy. And the one after, I presume; I lost track.

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