50 Men Reveal What Turns Them On Now That They're Older And More Mature

50 Men Reveal What Turns Them On Now That They’re Older And More Mature

Some men from Ask Reddit reveal what turns them on now that never turned them on before.

11. Girls with “flaws”: blemishes (stretch marks, not-perfect teeth, scars, wrinkles, etc.), body hair, and/or weight.

I was walking a fine line between awkward teenage kid and full-on incel at 14. I wanted the perfect blond hair, blue eyes girl, shorter/smaller than me, perfect skin, thin body, etc. You’ve seen the cringe posts those losers make, so you know full well where I’m going with this. I am not that anymore and now I find beauty in anybody, but the most attractive thing to me is an enthusiastic personality—I love watching women talk about things they’re passionate about!

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