50 Meet-Cute Couple Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love Again 

50 Meet-Cute Couple Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love Again 

These couples from Ask Reddit have THE cutest love stories.

1. I was waitressing, he came in all the time with his friends. Him and I became friendly, played jokes on each other, he grew to be one of my favorite regular customers.

Then, there were a few weeks when he didn’t show up at all, and I realized that I really missed him. I didn’t have any of his contact details. I told myself that if he ever came back in, I needed to take the chance and ask him out.

Next night he came in, I guess we both had the same idea. He asked me before I could. I wrote my number down on a piece of receipt paper (which he still has), we went out the next night, and we’ve been together ever since. He’s the love of my life.

2. Way back in 1980, I was working in south FL. A guy I worked with was retiring soon and had purchased a vacation cabin in north GA. He showed me a picture of the cabin and posing in front was a dark haired beauty who he identified as his daughter. I remarked she was very attractive.

Forward a few weeks and he tells me the daughter had just broken up with her boyfriend, was in the dumps, and asked if I wanted to ask her out.

We went on a blind date, were married 2 years later, and now have three grown children and planning where to go for our 37th anniversary.