50 Fans Talk About The Time They Had An Average, Everyday Conversation With A Famous Celebrity

50 Fans Talk About The Time They Had An Average, Everyday Conversation With A Famous Celebrity

These people from Ask Reddit had normal, everyday interactions with celebrities, proving they really ARE just like us.

25. Yay! I have one to share! Bruce Springsteen. A hole in the wall bar. Early 2000’s. I had just left home and moved to nyc in the last year or two, and there was this bar my friends and I would meet up at. I got there a little early and sat at the bar, five minutes in this guy sits next to me, with a chair in between, ordered French fries. I had met a celebrity and asked for an autograph and realized Bruce might leave… and I REALLY loved him (my mom was a fan). So I didn’t say that I knew him. We did comment back and forth about the news (it was on the tv over the bar) Several people came up and asked for autographs or photos and the atmosphere changed and he booked it out of there.

Kinda felt bad for him.

26. Patton Oswalt grew up in the area I was living in for a while. Walked into starbucks and saw him talking to an older woman at a table in the middle of the room. Made eye contact by accident and gave a lil head nod like I would if i accidentally making eye contact with anyone, and went about with my order. Got home and looked up why he’d be in the area and found his wife had died like a week prior. So glad I gave him space.

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