50 Fans Talk About The Time They Had An Average, Everyday Conversation With A Famous Celebrity

50 Fans Talk About The Time They Had An Average, Everyday Conversation With A Famous Celebrity

These people from Ask Reddit had normal, everyday interactions with celebrities, proving they really ARE just like us.

19. I met Giancarlo Esposito at the Whole Foods in Austin, Tx 4-5 years ago. (Gus Fring from Breaking Bad)

I worked there as a security guard at the time and he asked me where the cheese section was. I told him and he very politely said thank you and went on his way. A few people walked over to him to ask for photos but I was happy just to have met him.

20. I actually had no clue I was sitting next to a celebrity in an airport for about 90min.

People asked him for his picture. Some people asked me if I should be in the photo. I declined. The celebrity asked me to smile and play along if anyone else asked for a picture of us both.

At first I was confused, as time wore on I was a little embarrassed. He told me he was on TV and we chatted about where we were flying, what books we were reading etc… but I didn’t want to ask who he was because it seemed rude.

After he left someone asked me how I knew him. I said I didn’t. They told me he was Michael C. Hall from “Dexter”… saddest thing is I watched that show but didn’t clue in.

I think about it and laugh… someone got a picture of me and Dexter and showed it to their friends trying to figure out who the other guy in the picture was.

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