40 Creepy Crime Stories From Small Towns You Haven't Seen In The Newspaper

40 Creepy Crime Stories From Small Towns You Haven’t Seen In The Newspaper

These small town people from Ask Reddit have some horror stories to tell.

1. About a year after I graduated high school a local girl a couple years younger than me went missing. Turns out her boyfriend killed her for trying to break up with him and he buried her in his grandmother’s garden.

2. The ghost of the first priest of our local church was shot and killed by an arrow a (really long time ago) on his doorstep. He was buried where he fell and – until the church burnt down like 30 years ago – was seen commonly around the church on weddings, funerals and christenings held at the church.

3. There is a convicted cannibal in our town. Seriously. He killed his friend while drunk, then ate his jaw.

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