30 People Reveal The Creepiest Places They Have Ever Set Foot 

30 People Reveal The Creepiest Places They Have Ever Set Foot

Stay away from these creepy destinations mentioned on Ask Reddit.

1. I went to a rest stop at 1am outside Springfield Illinois a few years back. Went to the restroom and there was blood everywhere. It looked like something got slaughtered. I have never high tailed it out of somewhere so quickly as I had there.

2. When I was in high school it was a popular dare to go to “the dollhouse.” The dollhouse was a little house in the side yard of a normal house in a neighborhood by the school. It was surrounded by lighted angel statues, so many you couldn’t walk on the grass and had to step onto paving stones arranged into a path. It was insanely well built, like a scaled down version of a normal house. There was even a little air conditioner. The people who owned it never locked it so you could go right in through the front door. At first it seemed normal, just small. There was carpeting and a set of stairs leading up to a tiny second story. The air felt stale and quiet.

Then you would see them.

Dozens of dolls, all posed on small couches, standing at tiny tables, just dolls, a meter tall and frozen as though you’d just caught them doing something they shouldn’t have. It was creepy as fuck, and even after seeing that weird shit you still had to walk back out past all the angel statues.

Maybe the owners built it for their grandkids or something but no me gusta. 

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