30 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That More People Should Be Talking About

30 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That More People Should Be Talking About

Ask Reddit has brought up some mysterious celebrity deaths that still haven’t been solved.

9. Marilyn Monroe.

Legend has it that in the late 80s Warner Bros. hired David Lynch and Mark Frost to develop a film based on the last few days of Marilyn Monroe, but the project was dropped because the two were convinced that the government murdered her. The two bonded over this belief and later developed Twin Peaks together.

10. Vincent Van Gogh. Yeah it’s super easy to just assume he committed suicide considering he’s threatened it before and the fact that he was certifiably insane and he had a predilection for getting drunk off lamp kerosene and eating paint which his doctors assumed was a suicide attempt. However, he was shot in the stomach (99% of gun suicides are aimed at the temple or through the mouth) at an angle that would have been hard for him to do himself and it wasn’t at point blank range. He had never used a gun before, never had a use for a gun, and would not know how to work one, let alone the older model that was the suspected weapon. Even when he did threaten suicide previously he always mentioned drowning as his preferred method. One story of why he borrowed the gun was so he could shoot at the crows in the field he liked painting but he loved birds and found crows to be especially interesting and would never shoot at them or find them to be a nuisance. They never found any of his painting supplies where he supposedly tried to kill himself. In fact they never found his supplies anywhere. If he did shoot himself in the field, when he realized he didn’t die he would have had to walk back to his hotel along a busy street where someone would have seen the poor dude bleeding from the torso. When he did make it back to his hotel room someone asked him what had happened and he said something along the lines of, “I guess I’ve wounded myself.” But who would have shot him, you ask? René Secrétan. René was a 16 year old boy, who by his own admission, bullied Vincent and was most likely the most current owner of the gun. He took the gun everywhere and said that it shot erratically due to it being older. He liked showing off the gun and shooting at things as he pleased. He claimed Vincent stole the gun from him and did the deed in the field. Let it be known that the Secrétan family beat feet back home to Paris immediately after the shooting before too many questions were posed. Why didn’t Vincent blame him if that was the case? Vincent welcomed death at that point. He had mentioned in a letter that if death came upon him he would welcome it and not fight it. He was worried about losing his relationship and financial support of his brother Theo now that Theo had a baby and a wife to support. He basically decided to be a martyr rather than indict a kid that probably didn’t mean to shoot him even if said kid was mean to him. No one is gonna read this shit but if you do, thanks for coming to my TED talk. Read “Van Gogh: the Life” by Gregory White and Steven Naifeh for more.

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