30 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That More People Should Be Talking About

30 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That More People Should Be Talking About

Ask Reddit has brought up some mysterious celebrity deaths that still haven’t been solved.

23. Dorothy Kilgallen. A major voice of the 40s-60s. She held a permanent spot on America’s Longest Running Contest show, Who’s line? She was an extremely well credited writer, investigator and just an all around badass. She died in 1965 of by a fatal combination of alcohol and barbitutes. Which is just the beginning of why this was strange. Barbitutes were a popular medication in the 50s-60s to aid in sleep. Dorothy had been taking barbitutes for years prior to her death, understood their effects, and definitely knew not to mix them with Alcohol. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dorothy was in the middle of writing a book based on her investigation of the JFK assassination. She notified her friends and family not a week earlier about how she had a found a major find and couldn’t wait to share it with them… She never had the chance to tell them and there was speculation that her research had vanished. Dorothy was found dead in the bed of a guest bedroom within her apartment. A bedroom she claimed she would never step in after discovering her husband had an affair in that room a couple years prior, and she definitely wouldn’t be found in the bed. On top of all of this Dorothy had died in the afternoon which is not a time she would have taken her sleep medication and she was found in her day clothes, with a book in her hand. However, yes, however once again, her more than necessary reading glasses were downstairs, so she probably could not read the book she was found to be holding. There’s a lot of strange stuff here, especially with her mob connections and connection to the Kennedy family.

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