30 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That More People Should Be Talking About

30 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That More People Should Be Talking About

Ask Reddit has brought up some mysterious celebrity deaths that still haven’t been solved.

19. An odd one, he is only a celebrity because his death is so shrouded in mystery, but the Somerton Man. Man found dead on a beach in South Australia – nobody knows who he is, he had some very strange clues in his clothes – all code words and secret societies. Talk of being a spy. 70 years later forensic types are still trying to get to the bottom of it all.

20. Heath Ledger’s death was pretty strange. I remember when it first happened that there was a lot of backpedalling and changing of what actually happened. Some were saying suicide, others accidental overdose, and finally I think the last and “official” story was that he was prescribed medications by different physicians that happened to have death as a side effect when mixed.

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