50 Ways Men Can Completely Ruin Their Chances With A Strong Woman

50 Ways Men Can Completely Ruin Their Chances With A Strong Woman

This is how you ruin a date, according to Ask Reddit.

1. He straight up said to me, “I’m just an alpha, you know? A lot of people can’t handle that.”

2. He talked so much about himself I barely got any time to say anything, so it ended up with me just saying, “oh, yeah, uh-uh, cool,” and him not asking a single question about me. That guy really just took himself out on a date.

3. Went on a date with a guy and every time I would ask about details of his job or education he would say things like, “Let me see how I can dumb it down for you…” or “I’m sure you won’t understand any of this, but…” I was so offended that when the check came, I whipped my wallet out to pay for or split the bill and just be done with it when he said. “Oh no, I’m sure I make more than you do, don’t worry.”

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