50 Ways Adulting Sucks (And Why You Should Enjoy Your Youth While It Lasts)

50 Ways Adulting Sucks (And Why You Should Enjoy Your Youth While It Lasts)

Once you read this list from Ask Reddit, you are going to wish you were a kid again.

1. Planning out a week’s worth of meals before going to the grocery store and then not wanting to eat the meal I planned but doing it anyway.

2. How incompetent everybody is.

When I was a child adults always had the answer. You would look at somebody in their thirties and they knew had their shit together, they had a house, a partner, 2.4 kids, a good career. Basically, adults knew what they were doing everything was under control.

Now I’m an adult, everything is a shit show. I’m the person who allegedly knows what they are doing, half the time I’m just making stuff up. EVERYONE is doing this. Our whole society is held together by well meaning people making guesses, and duct tape.

It is terrifying.

3. There’s always something you have to do. Like even when relaxing there’s things you really should be doing.

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