50 Secrets Your Boyfriend Has Been Keeping From You

50 Secrets Your Boyfriend Has Been Keeping From You

Guys on Ask Reddit are exposing their secrets.

30. We always pull the zipper away from our crotch before zipping up.

my wife (gf at the time) once reached over to zip up my pants and I had near heart attack from the instant and real fear that she would zip the tip…

we learn to pull the zipper away at a fairly young age because we don’t enjoy zipper tracks on our gentlemen bits.

31. Sometimes, for the uncircumcised amongst us, your foreskin will roll up and completely refuse to stay rolled down again. This leads to the driest, most uncomfortable bell-to-cloth scenario that requires an awkward navigation toward the nearest bathroom. In such circumstances, there is no hope of being able to concentrate on any task. The feeling of having a rotary bench sander in your pants tends to occupy 99% of cognitive function.

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