50 Secrets Your Boyfriend Has Been Keeping From You

50 Secrets Your Boyfriend Has Been Keeping From You

Guys on Ask Reddit are exposing their secrets.

1. We really do think your hair is good. It looked good before and after you got a hair cut. If looked good curly and it looked good straight. It looked good when you woke up and when you did it. As long as it’s shaped like the hair we gave girls on stick figures when we were 5 years old, we think it looks good.

2. Often times, we genuinely don’t care where we go to eat because we’re just hungry and want food. Any food. As long as you eat some too.

3. We don’t get the hint. Saying, “I almost broke my neck in the driveway,” is not the same as asking us to shovel it. In my mind I’m thinking, “Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be careful.”


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