50 Scary Movies To Binge This Valentine's Day As An Excuse To Cuddle Your Person

50 Scary Movies To Binge This Valentine’s Day As An Excuse To Cuddle

If you want an excuse to snuggle up with your person on Valentine’s Day, watch one (or more) of these horror movies suggested by Ask Reddit.

1. Sinister. The soundtrack makes you feel super uneasy. Plus that lawnmower scene was a feeling a horror movie has never done to me before.

2. It Follows. It’s the only movie to have ever made me so genuinely uncomfortable and scared that I almost had to leave the theater. The end wasn’t that scary to me, but my favorite parts of horror movies have always been the build up because I always found myself disappointed in the monster or the scare tactic used after the build up etc. But that movie was just one long sense of dread that something’s coming, I was constantly checking the background, it was really unnerving for me.

3. There is a film called Shutter, the original Asian version and not the US remake. Scared the hell out of me in parts… I hate ghosts and this was about ghosts in photographs. 

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