50 Newbie Dating Rules For Anyone Putting Themselves Out There For The First Time

Here are a few modern dating rules from Ask Reddit.

1. Remember the Brad Pitt Rule: if she declines a date due to a conflict/other plans and doesn’t offer to go on another time that does work, she’s not into you.

(e.g. “Oh, I can’t tonight, but how about Saturday?” = you’re cute!)

2. Don’t make someone your priority when you’re just an option to them.

3. You will meet someone that will make you laugh, will put your stomach in knots every time they talk to you, will make you smile every time their name pops up on your phone, and whose smile you’ll see every night as you fall asleep and every morning as you wake up because it has such a calming and comforting effect on you.

All they’ll have met is someone they kinda like to talk to and see every now and again.

That’s not what I want people new to dating to know. Not all of it.

Once they break your heart, and you will have your heart broken, you’ll close yourself off for a while. Maybe even a long time. But let me tell you, that that feeling is worth trying for. It’s worth getting hurt for. Because some day, you’ll meet someone that will feel the same way about you that you do for them. And when you do, it’ll make all the previous heart break seem completely inconsequential.

Every wrong person you get involved with is just a step closer to the right person.

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