50 Men And Women On The Magical Moment They Realized They Were Not Actually Straight 

50 Men And Women On The Magical Moment They Realized They Were Not Actually Straight

These men and women from Ask Reddit are sharing the moment they discovered their sexuality.

9. Wrestling unit in gym class in middle school. Young and buff body builder gym teacher asked for a volunteer to demonstrate on. One of few people to volunteer. He picked me and I immediately got hard and had to hide in my waste band but it was too late to turn back. It was fun getting pressed up against his body though.

10. I’m embarrassed to say that my husband pointed it out to me. I was convinced that I was demisexual for yeeears because I don’t feel immediate attraction to men, and (I thought) I didn’t have celebrity crushes like the other girls growing up. One day we were watching a movie, and my husband was like, “Honey, are you sure you aren’t bi? You like boobs a lot… Like, I’m pretty sure you’re looking at Kate Beckinsale’s boobs as we speak.” And I was like, “Ohhhhh, fuuuuuuck. That’s totally what’s happening here…”. As soon as I started paying attention, it was abundantly clear to me that I had plenty of celebrity crushes, they were just all ladies, and I do feel immediate physical attraction, just always to women. So embarrassing. Since my relationship with my husband is monogamous, I’ve never had a relationship with a woman.

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