50 Men And Women On The Magical Moment They Realized They Were Not Actually Straight 

50 Men And Women On The Magical Moment They Realized They Were Not Actually Straight

These men and women from Ask Reddit are sharing the moment they discovered their sexuality.

44. This is pretty mortifying, but my mother, being a typical Catholic woman didn’t have the talk with me. Instead she left a book on her dresser about the facts of life knowing I was a nosey kid and would read it.

Well… there was a cartoon image of the male body that got my teenage blood pumping and I cranked one out to this book. It wasn’t the first time I’d thought of a guy while masturbating but it was the one that made me realise this shit wasn’t going away.

45. The “hot” girl on college campus that my friends all wanted but she wanted me. I was questioning if I was gay and found guys attractive but never told anyone. I thought I just needed to have sex with a girl to prove I wasn’t gay. Went back to her room, making out, get her undressed, decide to just “go for it” and with my face literally inches from her lower lady bits I say out loud… “I’M GAY! Sorry, it’s not you. I’m gay. Really gay!” She was pissed and confused. I got dressed and went back to my buddy’s dorm. I told him I was gay. He was shocked but supportive and happy he “has a chance with her now.”

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