50 Men And Women On The Magical Moment They Realized They Were Not Actually Straight 

50 Men And Women On The Magical Moment They Realized They Were Not Actually Straight

These men and women from Ask Reddit are sharing the moment they discovered their sexuality.

42. I’m bi, and I realized it a little while after a friend of mine came out to me as bi.

“How do you know?” I asked her

“I just know that I check out both girls and guys.” she replied

“That doesn’t mean you’re bi, everyone does that! I check out girls and guys t- oh…”

43. As a kid, girls were gross. Kissing was gross. Just … ewww. I mean, we knew that one day we’d start hooking up with girls, but we never understood why.

Then, as I started to hit puberty, and noticed that everyone else was suddenly into girls, I still thought they were gross. We’d watch porn together and I’d be looking at the dude and the cock rather than the chick and boobs.

But what really did it for me was when I was showering in the communal showers in the changing rooms at school, and this dude two years older than me (I’m 11, he’s 13) is standing behind me asking how long I’m going to be and I look at him, then look down, then look at his (seemingly) massive cock and all of a sudden want it in me.

I looked back up at him and he knew I’d been staring at his cock. So I just looked at him and said ‘nice watch’, because he was wearing a watch. And then left the shower.

Thanks Ryan. Your cock made me realize I was gay.

And no, his cock never went in me.

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