50 Men And Women On The Magical Moment They Realized They Were Not Actually Straight 

50 Men And Women On The Magical Moment They Realized They Were Not Actually Straight

These men and women from Ask Reddit are sharing the moment they discovered their sexuality.

4. I’m a girl and I was 12-13 when the third Harry Potter movie came out. I saw it eight times in the cinema because my gay ass was fascinated by the fact Hermione had gotten boobs… Told myself I just liked her pink hoodie though!

That same school year I was always dragged along on my female best friend’s dates with her first boyfriend and couldn’t work out why I was absolutely devastated every single time. Suddenly hit me I was madly in love with her, cue 10 years of gay panic.

5. Spending more time than necessary picking out underwear in department stores, wondering what the models looked like without underwear. That shortly led to looking up gay porn.

6. When I was a Mormon missionary in Eastern Europe. The other missionaries were tempted by the pretty girls and lingerie ads, and I was tempted by the other missionaries.

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