50 Men And Women On The Magical Moment They Realized They Were Not Actually Straight 

50 Men And Women On The Magical Moment They Realized They Were Not Actually Straight

These men and women from Ask Reddit are sharing the moment they discovered their sexuality.

1. I kept talking trash about this female artist. I was just going on and on about how I hate her music. Truly she is just the worst.

Another peer finally asked me, “If you don’t like her, why do you keep talking about her?”

…Oh. I just didn’t know how to express attraction.

2. Bisexual female friend was talking about how hot giving blowjobs was. Straight female friends agreed. I’m like, “Okay, there’s no men here, cut the BS, you can say it’s gross and horrible.” They looked at me super confused.

All these 30 years I’d assumed that no women actually found anything about men attractive but only pretended to to be nice and because men will give you orgasms if you ask them nicely.

3. I was around 10-11 when I got The Sims 2. First video game I ever played. I wasn’t aware you could have 2 male sims in a relationship until I saw the “flirt” option pop-up. I spent hours making hot male sims, usually shirtless and making them “woohoo” in the hot tub, usually with Don Lothario (a pretty well known sims womanizer for those unfamiliar with the franchise).

At first I didn’t put much thought into it, then a friend from school came over to play The Sims together (everybody in my school played it). He asked me why not a single family has any women, then it hit me. Up to this point I thought what I was doing was completely normal and everyone was just playing The Sims like that… I did make an excuse at the time and it took me about 10 more years to come out.