50 Insanely Creepy Stories That Prove Your Phone Is Listening To Everything You Say 

50 Insanely Creepy Stories That Prove Your Phone Is Listening To Everything You Say 

These stories from Ask Reddit will make you want to ditch your phone.

1. Four years ago we moved from a place we’d lived at for several years. A couple of months ago I opened Safari on my phone and was going to search for a restaurant. The auto-complete on the first letter suggested the obituary of our next-door neighbor who had passed away three years ago (a year after we moved). I was very chat-over-the-fence close to him while we were neighbors but didn’t cope well with his sickness. I never even knew his last name until Google taught it to me in the bizarre auto-complete from the letter ‘R’. That unsettled me a bit.

2. I woke up with a nose bleed at around 3am. My pillow, sheets were covered with blood. I sleep with the light on and my phone was next to me.

Opened facebook while I was standing in the bathroom holding my nose shut with a tissue, and I got an advertisement for nosebleed plugs.

Took the microphone and the camera out of my phone after that. I was just too creeped out.

3. Not mine, but my sister was watching a documentary or some sort of program on Netflix, and the program involved a funeral. They were picking out a headstone, and different funeral arrangements, the usual. The next morning, she wakes up, and every ad in her Facebook feed is for headstones and other funeral related items. No deaths in the family or any other potential search that could’ve sparked it.

She was super weirded out by the ads themselves, because she initially couldn’t work out why it was showing headstones and grave markers and such. Phone was definitely listening that night. 

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