42 Folk Tales To Avoid (Unless You Can Handle Nightmares And Sleepless Nights)

42 Folk Tales To Avoid (Unless You Can Handle Nightmares And Sleepless Nights)

These stories from Ask Reddit are going to haunt you every time you close your eyes.

38. I’m from the Black Forest, Germany, a region spooky by itself and with even more stories of ghosts, zombies, dwarves, nymphs, tree spirits, and all of that shit. A lot of widely known fairytales come from here and operas were inspired by the forest. The forest looks a lot like the name suggests: it is so densely forested with fir and pine trees that sunlight rarely pierces through, which makes it look black. However, when the sun shines, it’s fucking beautiful.

One of the stories takes place at the Mummelsee (lake Mummel), a lake high up on the mountain, surrounded by three cliffs and pine trees that always appears dark black.

According to legends a “king” lives under the water that charms young girls ino swimming and then dragging in the lake, bringing them to his kingdom underwater. Some of those girls then later appeared as nymphs to then again lead hikers into their watery death.

There is some king of real explanation: people would bath in the lake, which is much deeper than they had thought. Due to the cold water from the depths some people probably drowned.


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