42 Folk Tales To Avoid (Unless You Can Handle Nightmares And Sleepless Nights)

42 Folk Tales To Avoid (Unless You Can Handle Nightmares And Sleepless Nights)

These stories from Ask Reddit are going to haunt you every time you close your eyes.

30. Kumiho is a very unstable, malevolent spirit. Us Koreans believed, due to Taoist influences, that many objects grew stronger as time progressed. A fox, having lived for a thousand years, would gain nine tails, and grow powerful enough to disguise itself as a human.

31. Local legend from my area pretty common: You pick someone up, and they turn out to be a ghost.

Only problem is it used to be a well known road out in the boonies (Only happened on certain nights of the year.), and literally everyone avoided it because virtually everyone knew someone who had picked the ghost up at some point. Something happened like she would start screaming and then vanish.

Then one day construction began on the road, because the place is so small people from out of town started working on the road, and a news story came out about how a girl got in a car with them and then vanished sometime through the night, just before screaming. The time of year wasn’t around Halloween or anything.

Literally when we were younger and out ‘riding bikes’ at night, one night it got a little to late and we caught hell for it because my cousin lived with in about 15-20 minutes of that place. Literally his parents jumped our cases because of the ghost.

The road is gone now because quite literally no one used it.


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