42 Folk Tales To Avoid (Unless You Can Handle Nightmares And Sleepless Nights)

42 Folk Tales To Avoid (Unless You Can Handle Nightmares And Sleepless Nights)

These stories from Ask Reddit are going to haunt you every time you close your eyes.

29. On the Big Island of Hawaii there are the night marchers which are the ghosts of the Kau warriors who died in a volcanic eruption after a battle. There footprints are actually still preserved in Kilauea national park. I’ve had a lot of people both locals and people from the mainland tell me of hearing a large group of men marching and chanting late at night around Kau. You apparently smell sulfur and you have to get naked and lay on a fetal position. I’ve heard other people say you just can’t look at them and if you do you’ll die. I’ve had some friends tell me they were camping in a remote valley when they heard about twenty people march by speaking Hawaiian and they smelled sulfur they didn’t see any one since they were in a tent. Also had an old Hawaiian Uncle tell me when he was a teenager working on a ranch at night he saw and purple light go from Kilauea to Moana loa and the next day Moana loa erupted for the first time in a while it was sometime in the 80s.


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