42 Folk Tales To Avoid (Unless You Can Handle Nightmares And Sleepless Nights)

42 Folk Tales To Avoid (Unless You Can Handle Nightmares And Sleepless Nights)

These stories from Ask Reddit are going to haunt you every time you close your eyes.

22. The Madamas, evil spirits in the shape of an impossibly beautiful woman who live in caves underground protecting great treasures. If you go to a cave where a Madama lives at dawn you can see her coming out with her comb to comb her long blond hair. She will ask you to come with her and become her husband underground, but you must refuse – those who know the legend know that her beautiful comb is made of human bone.

23. The Santa Compana from Galicia in northwestern Spain is a procession of dead souls that roams the forest in winter nights. You can see their faint outlines in the fog and they are led by a living person carrying a lit candle to lead the way and a cauldron. This person has been cursed into leading them and will spend their nights roaming the countryside leading the dead until they die of exhaustion because they remember nothing when they wake up in their beds the morning after. The only way for a cursed person to lift his curse is to run into another living person and pass them the candle and cauldron. If you run into the Santa Compana there are a few things you can do to prevent being cursed, such as getting into a church, or drawing a circle around you with an olive tree branch.


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