30 Women On The Most Attractive Thing A Man Can Wear 

30 Women On The Most Attractive Thing A Man Can Wear 

The women on Ask Reddit have some fashion advice for men.

 4. A really good smelling cologne. I start grinning like an idiot when I walk past a guy who smells really good. I used to work with this guy who always smelled amazing and every time he was in close proximity to me just wanted to bury my face in his chest.

5. A nice watch. But not one of those gaudy blinged out dinner plate sized monstrosities.

6. For me, it’s a hoodie. I don’t know why, but guys in hoodies (good condition, not super dirty or ratty) get my attention more. I don’t even steal them because I have my own. But I just like how they look on guys, I guess.

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