30 Stories About Couples Who Made A Pact To Get Married If They Were Both Still Single By Thirty 

30 Stories About Couples Who Made A Pact To Get Married If They Were Both Still Single By Thirty

These friends from Ask Reddit swore they would get married if they were still single by a certain age. Let’s see how that worked out…

1. My parents grew up a few streets apart and played together all the time. They went to different schools and one or the other was always in a relationship or crushing on someone so neither of them really saw each other as an option until they were both dumped on the very same day when they were 17/19 and decided they’d get married at 30.

They’ve been together for 24 years.

2. My best friend since middle school and I made this deal after I got out of an abusive relationship. We ended up falling in love and getting married less than two years after that and our fourth anniversary is coming up.

3. My husband and I were best friends in middle and high school. After multiple failed teenage relationships we made a pact to get married at 35 if we hadn’t found anyone yet. We lost touch in our early twenties for about ten years. Each with a child and failed marriages under our belts, we reconnected in our early thirties, realized how amazing we are for each other, and have been happily together since. It was a year or two into our relationship when a mutual friend reminded us of our pact… We didn’t get married until 36, but go us?

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