50 Guys Get Real About The Relationship Mistakes They Repeatedly Catch Girls Making

50 Guys Get Real About The Relationship Mistakes They Repeatedly Catch Girls Making

These guys from Ask Reddit are not holding anything back.

18. Keeping important things from your partner

I’ve had a couple of relationships where at some point the girl just keeps important things that bother her to herself because she “doesn’t want me to worry” or “stress out more than I already (presumably, because of AP) am”

I prefer to know everything about my partners.

I don’t know if this is universal, so I’ll just say: Always communicate. As my official answer. Always tell why you are mad. Express you’re hurt instead of angry.

19. Having a problem with something but not saying anything about it for days until it finally blows up, and then flipping the fuck out for it being this huge issue that, had she said something when it started to bother her, wouldn’t have been anything but a brief conversation, apology, and resolution.

Seriously. Even if you can’t explicitly say why ladies, tell your partner so you can try working it out before it explodes. Much better to fumble for the fix instead of letting something break.

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