50 Guys Get Real About The Relationship Mistakes They Repeatedly Catch Girls Making

50 Guys Get Real About The Relationship Mistakes They Repeatedly Catch Girls Making

These guys from Ask Reddit are not holding anything back.

 4. Not having a life outside of your SO. It’s healthy to have different groups of friends and different hobbies so don’t forget who and what made you happy before you were in a relationship.

5. Girls, don’t be the type to threaten to end the relationship through a petty ultimatum. I guarantee you that if you hit the average male with a “It’s either me or the video games!” you’re gonna be disappointed by his choice.

6. Telling friends/coworkers only about the shitty things their boyfriends do then asking for advice and being shocked when they’re told “he seems abusive dump him” not only shocked but then actively angry that people would “misread” the situation.

The thing is if you want good advice a girl needs to include good things he does, bad things she does, good things she does. If people only know that he constantly shirks helping with the laundry but don’t know he’s working 12 hour days while she’s working 5 hour days then their advice is going to be based on the impression that he’s a lazy asshole that makes her do everything.

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