50 Couples Reveal The Unromantic Moment They Realized They Found Their Forever Person

50 Couples Reveal The Unromantic Moment They Realized They Found Their Forever Person

Ask Reddit knows the most unromantic moments can be the most memorable.

19. When I got my wisdom teeth out, my SO and I had only been dating for about a month. He insisted I stay at his place to recover and he even changed my bloody gauze packs in my mouth.

He definitely didn’t have to do that but thinking back it really makes me smile thinking of how he took care of me.

20. My boyfriend and I had been together for about 5 months, had been friends for years prior, and were living together because of it. So, all pretty serious, however we hadn’t said, “I love you” yet. One night we were getting frisky and I started moving downtown… I got about 3 seconds in before he chose that moment to say, “I think I might be in love with you.” Full seriousness, not because of the bj, he literally just had that feeling slam him in that moment (I think we’d just had a cute laugh or nice moment prior too). I tried to reply but I had a mouth full of dick so I just kind of made a strangled “OwwWWaarrhhhwww!” noise and the rest is history.

At face value, it doesn’t seem like the “right” time to tell someone you love them for the first time, but to me it genuinely was. It was SO UNROMANTIC that there’s no WAY it was insincere or just him trying to be slick or whatever. He just wanted to tell me so badly that even the completely unceremonious and inelegant situation of me giving him head didn’t stop him. He’s a keeper alright.

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