50 Couples Reveal The Unromantic Moment They Realized They Found Their Forever Person

50 Couples Reveal The Unromantic Moment They Realized They Found Their Forever Person

Ask Reddit knows the most unromantic moments can be the most memorable.

18. We respected each other enough to take a break that lasted a year and a half.

We had been together for eight years and were having a really rough patch and didn’t want to be together, but didn’t want to be apart either. We still thought we should end up together, but during that time we didn’t deserve each other and it was toxic. I moved out but not super far away. At first we agreed to only talk once a week unless an important circumstances came up. We both went on 1-2 extremely failed dates even. After a few months we started flirting and laughing together again. Within six months we were back sleeping together on occasion. Within a year we were secretly dating because we didn’t want family or friends to have a bit of influence as to what was going on.

That time for ourselves allowed for personal growth that was 100% necessary in order for us to grow together. Full disclosure I was not on board with this in the beginning. I never gave up on us. I was willing to wait an eternity.

Within a year of being back together we got pregnant and married and this year we will celebrate all fifteen years “together” and we never forget to acknowledge our time “apart” because it was highly instrumental in our journey.

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