50 classmates spill the tea on celebrities who went to their high school 

50 Classmates Spill The Tea On Celebrities Who Went To Their High School 

These people from Ask Reddit knew celebs BEFORE they were famous.

1. Kit ‘Jon Snow’ Harington went to the same Sixth Form College as me, year below me. Super quiet and shy. Literally the last person you’d think would end up being famous.

2. I went to high school with Joe Keery. I wasn’t personally friends with him but had a few classes here and there and he was relatively well known in our class (then again, in a class of 150 people it’s more unusual NOT to know somebody). He was always very nice and friendly, the complete opposite of Steve at the start of S1 of Stranger Things. I’m really glad to see him succeed as much as he has and wish him all the best in his career (which we will watch with great interest).

3. I went to the same school as Dua Lipa for a year. Even back then she seemed very down to earth and friendly and she was always singing at our school events. I always had the feeling that sooner or later, she will get worldwide famous cause she just had that inner star in her.