Ladies, You Are Not Selfish For Doing These 50 Things

Ladies, You Are Not Selfish For Doing These 50 Things

34. Taking care of and looking out for yourself. I’m tired of doing things for people and never get anything in return. Tired of being taken for granted and advantage of. I might as well be invisible because I feel like it.

35. Not having a large wedding with a wedding party and family who wants the wedding done their way. My husband and I are homebodies. We don’t drink or party and never really have. 10 years ago we were planning a wedding and canceled it. My family wanted it to be a huge party with lols of alcohol. We live in a warm climate and they are in the North. We bought a house instead and have never looked back. We got married on a beach by a justice of the peace. Saved us thousands. Was beautiful and intimate. My family still to this day is bitter and calls us selfish.

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