60 Signs You Already Act Like An Old Lady In Your Twenties

60 Signs You Already Act Like An Old Lady In Your Twenties

If you do any of these things listed on Ask Reddit then you are acting older than your age.

6. TALK TO MYSELF AS I DO THINGS.. oh my God it’s like I’m my frigging father and father in law.. I’m self aware of it as well. Co workers give me a good busting about it too.

“OK so now I need to go to the drawer here and grab the cutting board. Onions. Where’s the good knife?” So I can stab my eyes out cause I’m like an old man already.

7. Get angry at rowdy college kids being loud after 11pm on weekends despite being a rowdy college kid with rowdy college friends in the not so distant past.

Now that I think about it, really anything that disturbs my peace sort of rubs me the wrong way…. what have I become?


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